What I've been up to (in chronological order) and now with pictures!

1.  I'm Pregnant

Hey, it's not like I haven't done this before, but this time it has kicked my butt.  The first trimester went by in a blur of morning sickness and my shock at the fact that I started showing before the test turned pink.  Strangely, I seem to be the only person that expected my second pregnancy to be easier on me than my first.

It's great news, but I'm exhausted.  Let the 40 weeks of worry begin!

2.  We went to Austria

Most of August was spent in Austria.  I know, poor, poor me.  But before you call me crazy and ungrateful keep in mind my news above. 

No alcohol + No stinky cheese + No staying up late + No shopping (thanks to my quickly expanding belly)= There's no point in going all the way to Vienna.  I could have eaten saltine crackers at home.  Why deal with extremely high security at airports, a screaming toddler, and no liquids on board only to arrive in Europe and be greeted with secondhand smoke everywhere?  Do you know how much that stinks when your senses are hypersensitive thanks to first trimester hormones?

And when all you can drink is water, it is no fun to be in a place where ice cubes are a rarity, and where they believe that drinking cold water is baaad for you but smoking and drinking while pregnant?  It's your pregrogative!  Try drinking room temperature mineral water for 3 weeks while politely declining shots of schnapps and you may understand some of my misery.

Of course, there is a reason we keep going back to Vienna.  Everything is so grand and beautiful there.  For instance, here is a shopping mall:

Viennese Palais

Viennese Palais

Behold, a supermarket:

Julius Meinl
(This is the Julius Meinl in the first district.  The first thing you see when you walk in is a huge display of Pepperidge Farm cookies.  The sight of floor to ceiling Sausalito cookies brought tears to my eyes.  So yeah, I'm definitely pregnant.)

(Oh, and they were sampling wine.  You could serve yourself as much as you wanted.  That also brought tears to my eyes, but for different reasons.)

Even toddler tantrums are more elegant in Vienna:


Guess who wanted to move to Schonbrunn palace.  Hint:  Not me.

We also left the city and took a trip to wine country (Niederosterreich):


All those grapes!  All that fresh Gruner Veltliner!  And me!  So pregnant.  Boo!

3.  We came back

And I was jet lagged, sick and grumpy for 2 whole weeks. 

Moving on...

4.  Project Runway

I had missed 4 episodes during my trip.  Thankfully, Bravo seems to have a marathon going on everyday.  So I had to catch up, of course.  Watching pregnant Laura have a meltdown made me cry, but in a good way.

5.  Daycare

My son started daycare 2 weeks after we got back.  I was very nervous.  It was like the first day of 4th grade.  We couldn't sleep the night before.  But, he went in and took to it like a pro.  He loves going to "school" and playing with his friends.  And mom gets a blessed 2 mornings a week when she can recuperate from the other 5 mornings in the week.  So not everything makes me cry.

6.  BIKE!  BIKE!

We bought our son a tricycle.  The weather has been absolutely gorgeous so I've spent many afternoons pushing him around the neighborhood.  The best part is Sebastian proudly screaming "BIKE!  BIKE!" to every cyclist and Hell's Angels we encounter.  The look of pride on his face when someone acknowledges his little blue and red trike is priceless. 

I do my best not to post pictures of my family here, but this one - oh, I couldn't resist!

7.  I turned 30

I had an amazing birthday.  My husband and parents spoiled me immensely.  My friends were there for me.  But still, I'm now in my thirties.  Wow.