It's not you. It's me.



It's been a long time since I've written here.  Heck, it's been a long time since I've written anywhere - including work stuff - and that's just lame because the "work" writing?  It consists of me enjoying myself and then writing about it.  And I haven't even managed to do that.

You may or may not be asking yourself why.

Well, for the lamest, most overused reason ever:

Because I've been Busy. 

(Note the capital "B".  I totally did that on purpose so that my excuse would seem Important.) 

(Didn't work, did it?)

Seriously folks, I've been busy.  I swear.  I'll even tell you about it, but not now.  (One of the benefits of taking a break is that I've improved my already impressive procrastination skills.  I'm sure that they will come in handy someday.)

OK, maybe I wasn't busy all the time, but for a while there I kind of forgot that I had a website, and that I had made a commitment to write.  Then I got a little check in the mail for a past writing project, and it kind of reminded me that this writing thing?  It's not so futile.  Oh, and then I was reminded that I do indeed have a website (by friends who very clearly know that I am alive, but who still called to ask if I was OK.  Because I hadn't updated my blog.) 

(I've created a monster, I think.)

Most people that write choose to do it because it feels good and because you are just driven to do it and blah, blah I'll spare you the commencement speech.  That's why I decided to do it too.  And I worked at it, and just when I was getting a little momentum, just like that, I didn't need to write.  In fact, I needed to not write. 

So I didn't - for eight weeks. 

And it was good.

But now writing is ever so gently calling me again. 

And that is even better.

So I need to get to work, but I promise that that includes updating this here site.