Na No More - I promise!

Did you know that it is entirely possible to write 1809 words and have them all come together to form tired cliches and mixed metaphors?  Did you?

Well it is.  I wrote 1809 words today and I made the mistake of rereading them.  Ouch.  I'm pretty bad.  There go any dreams of literary virtuosity.  I would throw in the towel, except that going past my goal ("only" 1667 words a day!) is so exciting that I've decided that since this Nanowrimo "novel" will never be read by another living human, I might as well see if I can make it to 50K words.

Writing garbage is fun.  You should try it.

I know that reading about the process of creating bad prose is about as exciting as watching paint dry (See!  Cliches!  They are easy!  So is bad grammar!) so I will do my best to not post about Nanowrimo until the end of November.  If you are at all interested in checking out my progress, you can check out the fancy meter on my sidebar.

Instead of Nano garbage, I'll do my best to post my usual stuff.  Which come to think of it, isn't very literary either.  Some things never change!