Goodbye 2006!

We just got back from our Christmas trip to Miami (going to the beach in December is awesome.  My fellow New Englanders, White Christmases are overrated.  Trust me on this.)  and were rewarded with a pretty yet manageable dusting of snow upon to welcome us home.  It couldn't be more perfect, really. 

Since this is the last day of the year, I had all sorts of plans to get myself ready for the New Year.  Do you do this too?  It's like somehow, January 1st will be a magical blank slate and the year will be just right IF I get my brand new planner in order, start the year with all my laundry clean and put away and if I finally catch up on my email and phone calls.  So, the 31st is usually a very crazy hectic day.

However, and I believe this is a sign that I may be becoming an adult, I've decided to do what I felt like doing today, which can be summed up as 'not much'.  I can get organized - tomorrow!  Instead, we're resting up for a New Year's Party with a few friends.  We've earned it.  Oh,  and I made a cake:


I may not be able to partake of much of tonight's sparkling beverages, but I want to be sure I can have some serious chocolate.   So I volunteered to make a cake.  A very chocolately cake.  I don't know, nor care, whether chocolate is traditional New Year's fare - I just know that I'm 26 weeks pregnant.  (If you live near Boston and were looking for some chocolate, my apologies, for it appears that I may have wiped out the stock at a couple of shops.)

Have a Happy New Year!