Oh Wise and All-Knowing Mothers of the Internet

Next time my son gets sick, I'm going to skip calling the pediatrician and I'm just going to ask the wise, all-knowing mothers of the internet what I should do.

My son's ear infection improved on the Amoxil, which he's been on since Monday.  While he's not screaming in agony anymore, something just wasn't right, so we took him to the pediatrician today.

Guess what he said?

"It looks like the ear has improved but, it's still infected.  We'll put him on Zithromax (!!!!!!) and it should be all cleared up in time for your trip."

Did you hear that - ZITHROMAX!  Just like the lovely strangers who commented on my last post suggested!

Who needs pediatricians with fancy offices and fancy Harvard MDs when you've got the internet?


Moving on...

We are still sick.  All three of us.  And we are still flying to Europe - foiled terrorist plots be damned.

But I have to admit a moment of hesitation when I turned on the news at 6 am on Thursday (as I carried my sick child) and heard on CNN that terrorists wanted to blow up AA and British Airways planes (hey!  That's what we're flying...), and that Heathrow was closed (We're spending the night at a hotel near there and flying out the next day...) and that we would not be able to bring any liquids on board (b-b-but we're traveling with a sick toddler...what will he eat?).  Honestly, I just turned off the TV and was in complete denial all day.

Today we called AA and they said that we would not be allowed to bring ANYTHING on board other than our passports and wallets because we were flying to London.  My husband and I looked at each other, and for a split second thought this was a sign that we should cancel.  But after the week we've had in preparation for this trip, we were not going to give up so easily.

We switched airlines.  We're not flying through London anymore, and our new airline provides baby food.

Things are looking up.

(PS- I must give AA props.  They were very courteous when we switched carriers.  And by courteous, I mean that they did it for free.)