Words To Live By: 2006 Edition

NOTE:  I'm posting some old stuff until I'm back in September - Enjoy!  Or ignore!  Whatever!

I went to yoga class this morning hoping to get some exercise in
before the end of 2005 and as a bonus I was given my mantra for 2006.

I usually have to stop myself from laughing when the instructor says
insipid things like “every breath is a chance to start anew.” Blah. I
want tight abs, not mystical thoughts, on the rare times that I do
manage to get my ass to the gym. However, today she said something that
struck me. Maybe the extra oxygen from the deep breathing is turning me
crunchy, I don't know. But it doesn't matter. I like the words and I’m
sticking by them.

She was asking us to do one of the poses when she said something
meant to get us to stop looking around at the others in the room, but
that sounded like a revelation to me:

“Go for pleasure, not for perfection.” 

Wow. I don’t know why this struck a cord, but I decided right then
and there that I have all my resolutions for 2006 wrapped up in those
six words. In 2006, I’m going to enjoy myself by letting myself do the
things that make me happy and enjoying it. It is so liberating to let
yourself just enjoy life rather than try to be perfect.

2006 will be enjoyable.  So:

Since a clean house makes me happy AND I am a terrible housekeeper,
I will go for pleasure, not for perfection, and I will clean for about
30 minutes each day and not beat myself up because I’m not anal

Friends make me happy.  So I will be a better friend.

I like yoga and pilates. So I will do more of both and stop trying
to become a jogger. See? Go for pleasure, not for perfection!

I will play with The Boy more instead of worrying about every little aspect of his development.

I will get more sleep, because sleep is pleasurable.  And I will have better days for it too.

Anyways, I could go on forever, but I will stop now. What gives YOU
pleasure? Consider doing more of it in 2006. Happy New Year!