I See Famous People: Play Ball!

NOTE:  I'm posting some old stuff until I'm back in September - Enjoy!  Or ignore!  Whatever!

Hey look!  It's time for another completely pointless I See Famous People post.  Woo-hoo! 

The Husband, The Boy and I were visiting my family in Miami on
Thanksgiving weekend.  It was exactly 72 degrees out so we thought it
an absolutely perfect day for the beach.  This only proved to the rest
of my family that the metamorphosis from In-The-Know Miamian to
Crazy-Ass Bostonian was complete (as if the pale skin and decided lack
of lacy tank tops wasn't proof enough).

"Are you crazy?"

"What about the baby?  It's freezing!"

"Only tourists *chuckle* go to the beach in November...you're not serious are you?"

ME:  "B-but it's 28 degrees back home..."

They looked at me like "hey, it's not our fault you guys
moved to the freakin' tundra" and it was settled.  We were going
shopping instead.  On a warm day in November.  Bah!

Beautiful weather is wasted on Miamians, I tell you.

But I digress.  After an afternoon of much people-watching and very
little actual shopping we decided to stop at Starbucks, all 7 of us.

Almost as soon as we were settled into our tables, a couple with a
baby sits right to us, their Bugaboo side by side with our Sit and
Stroll.  I turn to the guy, because his shoulder was touching mine, and
hello?  I need more room!

"Hello" I blurt out, and I freeze as my glare is met by a pair of
electric green eyes.  The owner of those eyes nods and stares off into
the distance without a smile.

My mind starts racing...could it be?  Those eyes! Was I really
sitting next to... the $30M man?  Holy crap!  I was sitting shoulder to
shoulder with the one and only Alex Rodriguez.

Or as I hear he is called,  A-Rod.

With my personal Celebrity Encounter Rules
racing through my head (pretend you don't know who they are...do not,
under any circumstances, touch the famous person...be cool...be cool) I
proceeded to actively ignore Mr. A-Rod.  Which of course made it
completely obvious that I had recognized him and made him more
uncomfortable by the minute.  So I sat there like an idiot, pretending
that he had vanished into thin air while he focused intensely on a palm
tree off to my right.

Smooth operators, aren't we?

The Husband, God bless his heart, had no idea who these people
were.  So he was deep in conversation with A-Rod's wife, chatting about
strollers and travelling with kids, and "is she teething?", while
trying to get The Boy to flirt with baby A-Rod.

"Isn't she a pretty girl?" The Husband coos.

"Pfftllrr!" is The Boy's rude but totally age-appropiate response. 

I started to daydream about how my life would change if The Boy were to sweep A-Rod Baby off her $30M feet...


And on it went.  I racked my brain for something, anything, I could talk to A-Rod about (The Red Sox?  Ha!  I'm not that
stupid.  His deodorant deal?  Why the hell he was wasting a sunny day
in November at Starbucks?) and came up with nothing.  Why must I be so

He continued to actively ignore me.  The poor man couldn't even have
his Venti-whatever in peace.  My Husband soon lost interest in The
A-Rod Baby so I was forced to drop my dream to have The Boy become
insanely wealthy by marrying into the A-Rod family.  He's a little
young, I know, but you have to plan ahead when you're thinking BIG.

We drank our coffee in uncomfortable silence.

"It's him!" my mother stage-whispered to my brother.  I cringed.
The Husband wanted to know who they were talking about.  I kicked him
under the table.  Oh yeah.  We're smooth.

And that's it.  A-Rod drank his coffee, all the while pretending
that there weren't crazy people sitting but a few inches from his

I told you it was pointless.