What's that saying about the road to hell?

I spent a good part of yesterday evening getting organized so that I can finally stop wasting so much time.

I woke up at 6:30, showered and was ready to go before the kids were awake.  This has never happened before, but I was a woman on a mission.  Today, I was going to Get Things Done.

And!  Today is babysitter day, so I was going to have a fabulous morning of productivity.

I scheduled my first exercise class in a long, long time so I arranged my morning around it (because health comes first!)  My plan was this:

9:00 AM - 10:00 Breakfast and reading at the coffee shop. 
10:15 - 11:15 Pilates. 
11:30-12:00 Shopping for a baby shower my playgroup is throwing this weekend. 
12:00 - 12:30 Quick grocery run.

Instead, this is what happened:

8:45 AM Grab keys to head out the door.
8:46 AM Where are my keys?
9:00 AM  Seriously, where are my keys?
9:15 AM (email husband who is all the way in San Francisco) "Check your pockets - do you have my keys?"
9:30 AM  Think to check safe for a spare set of keys.  Forget combination.  Get self locked out of safe for two hours.
9:45 AM (email husband) "OMG WE'RE STRANDED!  SEND HELP!"
9:46 - 10:30 Turn entire house upside down while sitter, toddler and self look for keys.
10:31 AM Find keys in pocket of jacket left in the dirty clothes pile (also known as Mt. Rush-no-more)

I have two hours of sitting left and I'm about to run out the door like a madwoman, trying to get everything done at the last minute.  In other words, it's business as usual around here.  Maybe I should stop trying to fight the damn universe.

Mostly, I'm pissed that was up at 6:30 AM for nothing.