I do more than just complain...

Things I am Grateful for:

  • My husband - my partner-in-crime, the one person who knows how I like things, the person from whom I can't hide my true feelings and who makes me laugh everyday - all while looking like James Bond his tuxedo. Rawr.

  • Sebastian - my "big-boy" pint-sized ball of energy and wit.

  • Benjamin - the baby who will soon take over the world.  He is charisma personified.

  • My family - you're all awesome and you know it.

  • My friends - for everything.

  • That dark chocolate and red wine are actually good for you.  Thank you Jebus!

  • How Clean is Your House - for making me feel like a domestic goddess while I watch daytime television instead of dusting or whatever it is you're supposed to be doing.

  • All-Wheel-Drive

  • That my cousin the Marine survived a bomb attack and got back from Iraq in one piece.

  • Totally related to the above bullet point - that election day is less than a year away and people are (finally!) waking up to Bush's fundamentalist hypocrisy.  Amen!

  • Luxe environmentalism.  God, I hate patchouli.

  • Jeans that hide a multitude of sins

  • That I actually enjoy yoga and pilates.  Because I also love brownies.

  • Boxer dogs

  • Size 7 diapers.

  • Courtesy pre-boarding for families traveling with children.

  • Pumpkin pie, pumpkin soup, pumpkin ravioli.  You get the picture.

  • Figs

  • Fall foliage

  • That ballerina flats are trendy now, so I can add to my collection with abandon

And you!  Thank you for reading and for your comments and emails.  Have a Happy Thanksgiving!