Tales From The Fridge

UPDATE:  Last night, after spending another hour on the phone with GE I was informed that the part we needed was out of stock and that they couldn't service my fridge until next week.  Which would put me at 20 days without a refrigerator.

That is the point where I LOST IT.  I don't even know what I said on the phone, but it must have been pretty scary because a repairman was at my house by 8 AM today.  With the part that supposedly was out impossible to get until next Wednesday.  "I just happened to have one in my truck.  What a coincidence!" he said.

I don't see another GE appliance in our future is all I'm saying.  I know that you can all sleep better at night knowing that I
can finally buy some ice cream. 

This is my fridge:


It's pretty, isn't it?  I don't think I've ever mentioned my refrigerator because, well, it's pretty boring.  It holds our food and keeps it cold.  That is, until Saturday, October 27th.  That was the day I woke up to find this:


The interior of my fridge was 71 degrees.  My house was 69 degrees.  I had a freezer packed with frozen appetizers because we were having a party the next day.  A party for 35 people.  And my mother in law was staying with us.  As was my brother in law and his wife.


But it was a Saturday, and the fridge is under warranty, and GE would not come out until Monday.

So me, being resourceful and cool-headed (for once) called good friends of ours and asked (begged!) them for freezer space, as I did not want to serve our friends salmonella-infested quiche.  They understood, of course, and kindly made room for our food. The party was saved!  Hot drinks are on me!

Monday came.  The GE repairman came.  He looked at our refrigerator for a total of 5 minutes and announced that he needed parts, and that they would not arrive until Friday.

We were leaving town on Wednesday and would not be back until Sunday.  No worries!  I made an appointment for Monday (yesterday) and cleaned out the fridge.  We left it looking like this:


That night the cleaners feasted on Trader Joe's pizza and cheese, and our wallet cried real tears.  All that food!  Gone!  Poof!

Yesterday, I waited all day for the GE guy to come.  He fixed our fridge and left.

Joy!  Living without refrigeration when you have small children is damn near impossible.  I made plans to go grocery shopping for those things you never think to buy - things like mayonnaise and mustard. 

Last night I took a peek at the fridge before leaving for the store.  The temperature?  74 degrees!  AAUURGH!

I've been stuck at home all day waiting for the GE man.  He just left, and informed me that he needs ANOTHER part and we will not have a fridge until Friday, maybe Monday. We have guests arriving Friday.  I don't need to tell you why this sucks.

Sebastian is very upset that we have no food in the fridge.  He keeps saying "We no food!  We need to go growcery!  I drive red cart!  I fix frid-gerator!"  He makes me read him books about grocery shopping.  I think he thinks we're going to starve.