Sick, sicker and sickest

There is nothing more boring that reading about stomach viruses and nasty colds, so I'll spare you.  Just imagine me and my two children passing the viruses back and forth like hot potatoes.  Then imagine the baby's fourth and fifth teeth breaking through simultaneously.  Oh, and don't forget my garage door breaking, trapping us in the garage for a bit.  And then when we finally make our escape (to a fun trip to the pediatrician's on a Saturday morning) discovering that both my front tires are dangerously low on air.  Cue me having to beg for someone (anyone!) to help me figure out what to do.  Thank goodness for kind strangers (who still took the last $10 I had in my purse because I felt I had to tip and thought it would be tacky to ask for five bucks back.) 

(It would've been tacky, right?)

Then imagine my husband being far, far away (in Europe), missing all the fun.

This has been going on since Wednesday.  I've lost 3 pounds already.  Bah.

I do have really exciting news that I can't wait to share.  It's great, trust me.  But both kids are asleep, and I'm going to join them.

See you next week.  Be good and wash your hands after you're done reading.  I wouldn't want you to catch this too.