You win, Old Man Winter. FINE.

I've been in an incredibly good mood despite the two consecutive storms that hit Boston because we're going from this:


To this:

Miami Beach

I was even getting a bit sentimental about the snow the day it started falling - but after driving in it I was reminded of why I hate it so very, very much. Soon I was feeling pretty good about escaping this icy mess and was already feeling my toes thawing out while dreaming about Christmas at the beach when we heard the smoke detector go off late on Monday night.

Long story short: Ice dams. Frozen front steps. Flooded basement.


Now we've turned off the water in the house and shut off electricity in the basement and are hoping for the best. Seems old man winter won't release his icy grasp on us just yet. I'll be stuck watching weather reports thinking about thaws and snowplows even as I vacation at the beach.