Not much to say, except...


I couldn't bear to look at the below any longer. I can imagine what you're thinking: WE LEFT A COMMENT ALREADY, LEAVE US ALONE. I know! Sorry! But thanks to all of you that stopped by and especially to those of you that left comments saying how pretty the New England Mamas site is -- because I designed it myself! I'm so proud of it, but I can't rest on my laurels since I've promised to have a new design for each season and winter begins on the 22nd this year so I better come up with something soon.

But I wanted to tell you that there's a reason, a very GOOD reason I haven't updated (not that you asked), and that is that I've started a job. No, I didn't lose my mind and go back to brand management - don't worry, I'm not about to start blogging about focus groups and spreadsheets - I like you all way too much for that. No, my new job is a blogging job, and this was my training week, so I posted 11 times in seven days. You all know that I'm not used to that at all. I'm exhausted. I have nothing else to say. Other than I'm the newest blogger over at Aisledash, AOL's wedding blog, and I'll be blogging about stuff I love - parties, beauty, etiquette and all sorts of lovely things. If you know someone who's planning a wedding, or if you just love weddings (who doesn't!) send them our way.

Next week: More content, less sending you elsewhere. Have a great weekend!