Analysis Paralysis

I am exactly one month away from my due date.

This is not freaking me out.  Not one bit.

What's my secret?  Simple:  Distraction.  It works wonders.

For instance, this month we are working on buying a car and a house.  How can I worry about layettes when we are choosing to make two of the most expensive purchases you can possibly make, and doing it on deadline? 

I don't want to renew the lease on our apartment.  (Oh, and we have to give notice sometime in April.  LALALALALA.  I'm trying not to think about this.  Because, you see, I'm an optimist.  I'm convinced we will find a house before we have to sign the lease.  LALALALALA.)

It's not all bad.  I've been interviewing realtors and found an awesome lionness of a woman who I'm convinced will eat a seller for lunch.  I love her style and I'm sure once we find our house, she will negotiate like a badass.  So that's one less thing to worry about.  Now we just need to find a house.  Thing is, I'm so high on pregnancy hormones that when I see a house with ugly wallpaper and dirty carpets I take it personally.  I left a house in TEARS on Saturday because the master bath had pink and yellow tile and the owners had pink kleenex and toilet paper which means that they chose to highlight the pinkness ON PURPOSE and can't they see how cruel that is?  (To my credit we had just seen a house were the agent used the words "asbestos" and "high lead levels" and "frozen pipes" and "great place to raise your boys" in the same sentence.  So you see, my emotions were a little raw for good reason.)

When I'm not touring expensive Superfund sites so that I can raise my boys amid asbestos I spend my days going from car dealership to car dealership - test driving cars that never seem comfortable, because hello!  I'm nine months pregnant.  Nothing is comfortable, not even sleeping!

So this has left little time for other things that occupy my time, things like blogging.  But while I've been away, two awesome things have happened.  One, I found out I'm on the Parents Magazine blogroll (thanks GoodyBlog!) and two, Girls Guide to City Life is joining FM.  Yay!  So if any of you guys read GGTCL (and I know you do), would you please take two minutes and fill out this survey?  Please? 


More fluff to come later.  Promise.