I have been quiet  because my husband has been in Europe for the past 9 days (but who's counting!) for his brother's wedding.  I missed a fairytale medieval castle wedding because the bride and groom couldn't plan their big day around my pregnancy.  The nerve!  (I kid of course.)

But that's not what's important.  What's important is that I've been home alone, in a new house, with a new baby, and with a two year old.

You thought calculus was hard?  THIS is hard. 

The husband is back tomorrow night - so I can finally put my virtual feet up and relax a bit.  I can't, however, come up with a coherent post, so I will give you the last nine days of my life - in bullet form:

  • Benjamin had his 2 month appointment.  I, being awesome experienced mother that I am, completely forgot that he would get his first vaccinations at this appointment.

  • Somehow, as I was nursing Benjamin after his surprise shots, he managed to poop all over himself, the pediatrician's office floor, and my jeans.  Also, I stepped on the poop as I was trying to clean the floor.  I left the dr's office with a huge poop stain accross my lap.  Did I care?  No.

  • My hairbrush is still packed away somewhere.  Do I care?  No.

  • Benjamin ran his first fever.  Called the pediatrician in a panic because if a 2 month old runs a fever you have to go to the emergency room.  What would I do with Sebastian?  Then they reminded me that kids get fevers with vaccines.  I should have known that (see first bullet point).  Oops.  A little bit of Tylenol took it away.

  • I ordered from Zappos for the first time.  I have to return two pairs of shoes.  My printer is packed away somewhere.  I KNOW I'm going to forget to return the damn shoes.

  • Sebastian may or may not have had a case of conjunctivitis.

  • In an example of breathtakingly stupid behavior, I volunteered to recruit local merchants to give discounts to our local mother's group.  Like I have the time to do this.

  • I memorized the "I did that!"  Blue's Clues episode.

  • I sang "Dora, Dora, the exploreeeeeeer!" while at the supermarket checkout.  Out loud.  Oh God.

  • Where are my summer clothes?  Anyone see them?

  • Hi!  Our toilets are loose.  Awesome.

See what you missed?  Aren't you glad I was away from the computer?


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