Peonies Envy

I think this whole "buying a house in a respectable suburb" thing has aged me - quickly.  I've gone from being a woman who still found time to tweeze her brows and maybe bought some lipgloss now and then to a woman who spends her days wearing a hat and canvas gloves and uses valuable Amazon giftcards to buy gardening books.

Yes, gardening books. 

These days, I worry about the state of my trees more than my wardrobe.

Do you want to know what I did last weekend?  I was weeding, and it was awesome.  Pulling those suckers out is really satisfying. 

I know how sad that sounds.  I've gone from 30 to 67 in two months flat.

Funny thing is, I have NO IDEA how to garden.  All the plants that looked so pretty when we bought the house are starting to look downright sad.  Our lawn is mostly beige.  But I still go for walks with the kids and I can't help but notice how nice the neighbor's gardens are and before long I have to turn around and go back home because I covet their hydrangeas and their climbing roses and I want to pull more weeds so that I can plant something pretty when planting season begins.

Not that I know when that is.

Tomorrow an arborist is coming.  Did you know that arborists make house calls?  I sure didn't.  Wonder what he will have to say about what is growing around our house.  I suspect it's mostly weeds.