China-Free Christmas: A Resource List

It won't be easy - but we're going China-Free this Christmas.  I've started to collect resources and I'm happy to share my finds - please let me know if you know of any other online shops or websites that have ideas on how to avoid China-made toys.

Angry Chicken's 'not made in china' post is pretty much perfect.

Sign the petition.

Playmobil - Made in Germany.  I used to love Playmobil when I was little.  Thankfully, they're still around.

Etsy Toys - There's plenty of unique, one-of-a-kind handmade toys - and you buy directly from the artist.  Awesome!

Step2 - It looks like most of their products are made in the US, but check the box - they do have a factory in Korea.

Oompa - Has a "Made in Europe" shop

Kettler - Awesome toys made in Germany, including their famous trykes.

Green Toys - Toys are made from corn plastic (wait...corn?)

American Plastic Toys - If you're getting tired of wood and felt...

Maple Landmark Woodcraft - Made in Vermont

Maukilo has a great Haba store (HABA makes all its toys in Germany)

Rody - We love our Rody Pony!  Gymnic Rody and bouncy balls are made in Italy and can be found all over the internet.