I love New Year's Day

I love how January 1st is filled with sheer possibility - I know that in reality every day, every minute even, is filled with the same amount of possibility as today is - but I like the fact that we all start with new calendars on the same day. So sue me.  I fall for the New Year's hoopla every year.

Today has been a day of decluttering and thinking about what I want to accomplish in 2008. It helps that there is nothing better to do, what with everything being closed for the day and snow threatening (yet again). I always make New Year's resolutions, and I've learned that it is best to make them specific - vague just doesn't motivate me much.

I don't feel like posting my resolutions here - mostly because I'm still working on them, but I hope that you are also inspired to set some goals for yourself. It's important to have something to look forward to - which reminds me, my resolutions are always things I want to do and will enjoy- there's no point in planning to punish yourself. But I've found that unless I make a plan to do something - even if it's something pleasurable - it somehow gets lost in the everyday, so I'm spending today thinking about what would make 2008 great* and I'm going to figure out how to do it.

Then my son and I will make some cookies.

Wishing you a wonderful year!

*am I the only one that's tired of hearing "great 08"? Sorry! I couldn't help myself.