To dream...

I just finished reading Eat, Pray, Love. I know I'm a couple of years late to this party, but it's a good read - even for someone like me, who is turned off by spacey new age types (probably because if I'm afraid that if I'm not careful I could end up one). In any case, I think that the reason the book has inspired so many is that she doesn't tell you that there is a specific path you need to follow to find happiness in life - there's no need to go meditate in India or live a smelly bohemian life if you don't want to - but you do have to work at being happy. It's not going to just happen if you're not aware of your desire and live with the intent to be happy.


In the book she found a path to happiness through focusing on mantras - I'm not the mediative type so you'll have to go elsewhere or read the book for an explanation on what mantras are  or what to do with them - but I would be lying if her writing didn't inspire me to try it out.

Now, I have two small children on different nap schedules, so I get absolutely no quiet time. The only quiet time I get is in yoga class, conveniently enough. So lately instead of being annoyed when we have "meditation" time in yoga I work really hard at clearing my mind to push away all thoughts and see what happens.

Guess what? I found a mantra too!

My mantra is "z". As in "zzzzz."

I need more sleep. My goal for the next few days is to get more sleep.

Stop laughing. It's harder than it sounds and you know it.