All you need is 10 minutes

Janet over at Slice of Pink is one of my favorite bloggers - she's clever ("the audacity of pink"? Genius!), has impeccable taste and seems like a really lovely person to boot. She also has great ideas all the time - like her New Year's Resolution, which is to clean for just 10 minutes but to do it without any distractions (and every day).

Simple solutions like that make me happy.

Yes, I know it's basically the Flylady system, and thankfully my house is pretty clean most days, so I'm not about to start cleaning for 10 minutes a day on top of my regular housekeeping system (um, maintain a minimum amount of chaos before the cleaners come - shh!) but her post reminded me that you can get anything done in 10 minutes - of you set a timer and focus.

Maybe it's time to start putting those pictures into albums?