Living room update: Look at how far we've come!

Since the world economy is tanking and everybody's just consumed by the election (which is just a week away - THANK GOD) we figured it was the perfect time to go shopping for furniture. Why? Because everything's on sale and we're tired of watching CNN.

People, I think things are moving along. FINALLY.

Here's a reminder of our living room looked like in March (remember, we had been living in this house for almost a year by then):


Sad, no?

Then July came along, and we bought some furniture:


Things were starting to come together, but we were missing a focal point. Since I'm a blogger I just photoshopped it into place:


Guess what? The couch is here AND we bought drapes! It's a miracle! Take a look:


I think it comes pretty close the couch I Photoshopped from House Beautiful. I'm also proud of our drapes, mainly because I found them for 25% off. Score!

Now all we need is a coffee table and some side tables. I thought I wanted metal ones, but a few of you mentioned that little boys and metal/glass tables equal visits to the ER, so we decided to go with plain wood. Plain wood tables are harder to find that you'd think. It took us months - months of us fighting at furniture stores. It was not pretty.

The good news is that we found some and they're perfect! They should arrive by Christmas because they're making them for us in upstate New York.

But I haven't told you the best part: We got them on sale for 49% off plus an additional 5%. Isn't that exciting?

To continue my tradition of bad Photoshopping here is what the room should look like when it's done:


OK, so hopefully that looks nothing like it. The table's a bit longer, and less...lopsided, but I was tired. We also bought side tables, but I was too lazy to try and Photoshop them. I figured you guys would understand.

(Hey, at least I moved the toys.)