I Feel like I'm Falling for Fall*

Happy Halloween!

I was so proud of this Jack 'O Lantern - I carved myself, for the boys (I did it with a ballpoint pen and a steak knife - no fancy tools for us!) and then a ferocious squirrel came and ate his face off.

Trust me, it was the most perfect Jack 'O Lantern New England had ever seen, but now you'll just have to take my word for it.


I offered to buy the boys a new one, but my three-year old thinks it's spookier this way. I think he has a point.


We've had the most perfectly beautiful Fall this year:


I'll be complaining about raking these leaves soon enough, but for now we're having fun just making little piles and letting the kids run through them.


Fall is fun. 


*My apologies to those of you with small children as you've surely heard this song a million times before, but I like it. Some of those Noggin tunes are quite catchy, aren't they?