Tropical lights

I'm writing this from sunny Miami. Hello!

We're here to visit family for the holidays. I swear it has NOTHING to do with the great weather. No, not at all.

Last year, I wrote about my conflicted feelings about missing out on a white Christmas. I was feeling the same way this year as I dug through out of season clothes to pack for the kids. I was really getting upset that we wouldn't be using our fireplace and that we didn't decorate - yet again.

Then we got that messy snowfall last week - the kind of snow that isn't picturesque in the least, the kind that makes for messy driving and slippery walks. It falls heavy and hard and clings to your spirit and smothers it under its icy weight. It was the first snowfall of the year that stuck AND it was the day I was assigned to work at my son's preschool. Let me tell you, for someone that thinks the fact that I have to put on socks everyday now (oh my God the EXTRA TIME IT TAKES!) it was the last straw.

And! More snow was predicted for Friday! I have never been happier to get on a plane with two small kids. I'm completely serious.

So we flew out on Thursday - when the walks were icy but the sky was clear - and landed safely in Florida before the first Big! Storm! of! Doom! arrived. Talk about timing. I'm glad we missed out on the fun - from what I understand the snow wasn't as bad as expected, just picturesque, and most of you have stocked up on food and rum. So I'm assuming you're all good.

I'll be back to this soon enough, so for now I'll pig out on latin food and let the balmy breezes melt me away.