Because Sometimes I am the Queen of the Obvious

I finally understand the internet's obsession with Target. (What can I say? I'm slow sometimes.)

The trick to enjoying Target is to go early on a weekday and (this is key) LEAVE THE HUSBAND AND KIDS AT HOME.

Duh. But a vast improvement over visiting on a Sunday with three whining males and a thirty-minute time limit. Ahem.

But if you get there on your own, it's just about the most magical place on earth. I spent a good part of an hour just looking at their purses - my God, their purse department is huge - and some of the bags look almost as nice as the "real" thing. (I'm totally looking at you, Anya Hindmarch tote!) I almost bought one, but I ended up not buying one. I don't know why I'm telling you this. Maybe I should get a medal?

Man, this recession sucks.