I See Famous People ... Just kidding! Sort of.

Sometime last week I informed my husband that he would be on lone daddy duty on Sunday because I'd made plans to have coffee with a friend that was visiting from LA.

"Sure!" He said - no questions asked. It wasn't until Saturday afternoon that he finally asked me who my friend was.

"It's Sarah."

"Sarah? Did you go to school together? I don't remember you ever mentioning a Sarah from LA."

"That's because we didn't go to school together."

"Then how do you know each other?"

"We've been reading each other since...huh, I don't really remember! It's been at least since she before she got pregnant ..."

"Hoooold on...OK. So - let me get this straight...you're going to meet up with a woman you call a 'friend' because you read her on the INTERNET?"

"I guess so. Yes."


He was silent for a minute. I guess I had rendered him speechless with my nerditude. (And you know what? I don't blame him - it does sound crazy - I know it!)

"Tell me one thing - how do you know she's not insane? Or a stalker? Or a man pretending to be a mom?"

"Oh, she's not an insane-stalker-man!"

"How do you know?"

"I just know! It's Whoorl!"

The only thing I could think to do to make my case for "just knowing" that I wasn't meeting up with a random internet psycho was to show him her site. He clicked around until he found a picture. This one, to be exact. And then he had one thing to say:

"Can I come too?"

(Answer: HELL NO! I missed out on shopping for beauty products with Metalia because he was out of town on Tuesday so the kids were ALL HIS on Sunday. Fair is fair, bud!).

ANYWAYS, off I went to meet up with a total stranger who wasn't a stranger at all. And despite the fact that I knew she would be lovely (and she was!) I was still amazed that a Boston-girl-by-way-of-Miami could meet a California-girl-by-way-of-Oklahoma for the very first time and instantly have the type of girl talk that good friends catching up on old times have. If that's not awesome, I don't know what is.

(What do bloggers meeting for the first time talk about? Boys, handbags, hair (hello!), work, kids...the same things girlfriends all over the world talk about over coffee.)

Now I have a GREAT excuse to go to the west coast - and for that, I have the internet to thank.

(Thanks, Al Gore! I owe you one!)