$15,000 beauty

This month's Vogue has a little blurb on a salon in NYC that offers a "Beauty Addict" program where for a yearly fee of $15,000 - yes! $15K! - you get unlimited blowouts and manicures/pedicures. As a special treat, you get one at-home visit a month.

I worked in prestige beauty marketing long enough to know that this is most likely a publicity stunt, but still... Who spends $15,000 a year to have somebody else blow dry their hair?

Knowing this level of beauty maintenance even exists makes me feel exceedingly frumpy and in need of a manicure. At $12 a pop I'd need to go to the salon 1,250 times to make it worthwhile. Every manicure takes about one hour (including drying time) so that means that I would spend about 52 days in a nail salon, inhaling toluene fumes while flipping through last year's copy of Allure. I don't have that kind of time!