Saturday Randomness

It's been five days since I last posted - don't you find that the longer you wait between posting the easier it is not to care?

  • I don't really have a real reason for not posting, other than working really hard finding cute pink and brown wedding stuff and making inspiration boards. (OK, one. But since Photoshop and I are not friends it was hard, y'all) Have I told you how much I love writing for a wedding blog? I love it *thiiiiiiis* much. Because getting paid to look at pink shoes? IS AWESOME.

  • I've cut back on some commitments and it's been a huge relief - the biggest one by far was for the local mother's group (500 mothers strong - my husband calls it the Local Mother's Mafia) where I was responsible for securing discounts for our members from local merchants. As much as I enjoyed combining my marketing experience with the influence of 500 MOMS to extort convince local businesses to hook us up, it was just taking up way too much valuable outdoor time. So goodbye!

  • Speaking of Mother's Mafia...My one male reader seems to be getting a little bored with all the feminine content on the blog. Why do I say that? Oh, because he made fun of people who blog about celebrities and their strollers exactly one day after this post.  I joked about being hurt by this and must not have been the only one, because the next day he wrote the Celebrity Stroller Post to End All Celebrity Stroller Posts. Everybody wants to be a mommyblogger these days! (Good work, Neil! I'll be back to poking you on Facebook soon!)

  • You've all seen the lovely Whoorl featured in the NY Times, right? I'm so proud of her! Go and spread the hair gospel, girlfriend!