It all started with the tulip bulbs we planted last October:


When I got the coupon offering $25 worth of free bulbs, I thought "why not?", and sent in an order for the cheapest bulbs in the catalog: 50 red tulips for $24.99. As an added bonus, they said they'd throw in a few "fancy" types. They weren't kidding:


When the bulbs arrived in October I bundled up Sebastian and we planted the bulbs in front of the house. We had a fun, if frigid, afternoon digging in the dirt and promptly forgot about our tulips until they made their presence known in the earliest days of spring.

Those stiff stalks peeking through the last bits of ice and snow gave me hope that Spring would come and give us glorious days like the last few we've been enjoying round these parts.


Spring is here, and our home has surprised us with the absolute beauty of the plants in our front garden and backyard. My allergies are KILLING me, but we definitely have a "Spring Garden" and I love it.


I love flowers. I really, really do.

We moved in last summer, when all that was blooming was the huge Rhododenron in the back of the yard, and I remember how boring I thought our yard was. I envied the neighbors. So I've spent the last few days buying plants that will extend the flowering season in our little corner of the world. I'm not a natural gardener, so I've been educating myself and thinking about what I want. So far, I've planted white peonies and white hydrangeas in the hope of creating a moon garden we can enjoy while grilling dinner under the stars.


Let's see what happens come July. I'm hopeful we won't kill anything. For now, I'm enjoying reading under the intoxicating fragrance of our baby lilacs.