The Perfect Red

Tuesday mornings are the one day a week I have a sitter - i.e. the only mid-week day I can get some work done. Some days I'm so spent I just greet her in my PJs, hand over the kids and let them fend for themselves as I collapse back into bed and pay an exorbitant hourly rate so I can get some sleep.

And then there are days like today, when I greet her at door ready to leave the house in a black 50's skirt and B&W striped tee (my husband said I look like a cross-dressing mime - I do not!); days when I leave the contacts in the case and wear my nerd glasses (-6.5 right eye, -5.75 left eye - yes I'm blind) and I head out the door to get my first pedicure of the year.

Is there anything more decadent?

Probably. But I have small kids, and at this stage in my life it's about as good as it gets.

I always spend WAY too much time reading the names of the OPI and ESSIE bottles at the nail salon - tempted by new colors and funny names like "Argenteeni Pinkiny," "High Maintenance," and "My Chihuahua Bites!" But I always go with my favorite color, a red so sexy and classic and candy perfect that today a stranger at the coffee shop where I'm working asked me for the name of the color.

Because we're friends, I'll tell you guys too: My go-to fail-safe pedicure color is Opi's Chick Flick Cherry (see it on another woman's toes here because I don't have a camera with me.) Trust me, it'll look awesome on you.

Tell me, what's your favorite polish? Maybe I'll try it next time I get a pedicure...