Decorating the living room? It's on!

I hate to break this almost perfect streak of me not writing about anything of substance to share actual news with you, but screw it. I'm so excited I can't help myself!

Surely you remember the sorry state of my living room? No? You have more important things to think about you say? No worries - here's a reminder. (Blogging is so useful sometimes!)

How cold and unwelcoming - but no more! Ladies and gentlemen, I now present you...Furniture!



Isn't it exciting! We now have actual chairs where you could sit and chat if you ever were to come visit:


And here's a view of the room:


I know what you're thinking, "Roxanna? How can we say this nicely...your three chairs and rug are cute and all, but how could we possibly visit? There's no place to put our drinks, you have no couch - and the sun! It'll be in our eyes!"

Friends! There's no need to worry - the couch is on back order and will arrive, oh, probably never. You know how these furniture people are. I also know that the curtains will be some sort of shimmery gold, but the saleswoman pissed me off so now I need to find someone else to make them.

I was, however, very pleased to see a picture of a couch that looks very much like the one we are waiting for on the cover or House Beautiful and it just so happens to be shown with curtains very similar to the ones we want:


The couch will go in front of the windows here:


Apparently I couldn't be bothered to pick up the toys before taking the picture, but I could be bothered to "Photoshop" the couch into the living room. See? It even came with a coffee table! If only life were so simple!


Next up? Deciding what kind of tables to buy. Should we go metal and glass like on the magazine or should we go wood?

I don't know what to do. What say you?