That's what I get for digging into those dark corners

As I was making an omelet for the boy's lunch (I'd like to take a moment to thank the genius Trader Joe's buyer that decided to stock cubed pancetta - THANK YOU!) I spilled some of the raw egg/cheese/bacon bit mixture into that crevice between the stove and the kitchen counter. And a new obsession was born.

Because, ew? Just the thought of that raw egg sticking to the wall and just sitting there being raw and salmonella-y  is enough to make me lose sleep. I'm not exaggerating.

So I immediately grab this thing (the fact that I own a crevice duster should tell you a bit about how serious I am about this) and start to try get in there and wipe away. Of course, the microfiber was soaked immediately, which was gross, but also the entire point of this exercise, so I threw the microfiber in the wash and switched to moist paper towels.

It took about half a roll, but my efforts were not for naught, because eventually the wet towels were coming out relatively eggless.  I was feeling better about the whole incident (and the kids were probably starving because I couldn't continue cooking until I got all the egg out) until I pulled out a big fat live SPIDER. From that dark crevice between the stove and the kitchen counter that I was just telling you about.

I almost fainted. It even had a bulging appendage. That's never a good thing to find on insects, but on a spider that was living in my kitchen and now had raw egg to feast on? NOT GOOD.

So how's YOUR Monday going?