Bullied for speaking Spanish

This is wrong on so many levels:

Let me make one thing clear: I have ZERO tolerance for bullies. It's entirely possible that the child in question is talking badly about other kids, and yes, it's possible that he's doing it in Spanish so that the victims don't understand.

That makes him both a bully and a coward (and let's face it, ALL bullies are ultimately cowards) and I believe that he must be disciplined. But is banning Spanish the way to do it?

Of course not. That's wrong and offensive. Spanish isn't the problem - I'm willing to bet that at this very moment there are kids at that very school texting nasty things about each other, passing mean notes and spreading rumors on the internet. Should the school also ban paper and cell phones because kids are saying things about other kids behind their backs?


Paper and pens aren't  the problem. Language isn't the problem. BEHAVIOR is the problem.

What about the other kids at the school that aren't bullies but who have the skills to speak other languages? What then?

Do you agree with the English-only lawyer that said, "they don't have to be there"? EXCUSE ME - They
don't "have" to be at school? Where should they be instead?

When will people stop picking on us? Maybe we'll have to wait until 2028. Until then, I'll continue to speak whatever language I damn well please, wherever I want to.