Back in Boston


We're finally back, and I have tons to tell you about our trip. I wasn't able to write while away (obviously) Internet cafes are non-existent in Austria as are "free" WiFi signals, but I made do by twittering a few things on which I promise to expand on.

In the meantime, we're working on recovering from jet lag (I beg of you, do not ask me about yesterday. Or the flight home. Hell hath no fury like two exhausted babies. I'm forever scared and won't be going to Europe until the kids are teenagers. MARK MY WORDS.) so my brain has turned to mush. Which of course means that I just HAD to check YouTube instead of tackling email or being otherwise productive, and it was a good thing I did, because it now has video recommendations and what it recommends for me is eye-opening to say the least:


Seriously folks, they couldn't be more on target. YouTube gets me.