This one's about Oprah

...But not about that stupid boycott (c'mon angry people - does Sarah Palin really need Oprah?)

I don't really watch Oprah, to be honest with you. There's only so much media a person can consume before it takes over your life and I've dropped Oprah so that I can spend my free time writing about wrinkle creams and Prada shoes. But I do respect that she uses her sizeable pulpit to push issues she cares about, and this one is important, so I will use my wee little soapbox to help her out. (Like Oprah needs my help!)

I'm pretty sure my friend Milena sent this link out to every person she knows, and she did it twice, so I finally caved in and went over and read about Oprah's episode on Internet Child Predators and I was shaken to my core. Go ahead and read it. Sadly, it won't tell you anything you didn't know, but it illustrates just how quickly information moves on the internet - and when that "information" takes the shape of a lunatic taking pictures/videos of themselves raping and abusing a child it is, of course, sickening and criminal.

These people must be stopped, and there are many brave people who dedicate their lives to do this - but they need our help. Software exists that can track the distribution of child pornography and helps the police and FBI catch these people right where they're committing these heinous crimes - and no, I don't mean in a virtual chat room. These people need to be caught in the real world. Help pass Senate Bill 1783.

Now, I don't fear the internet (obviously); most kids that are molested suffer at the hands of people they know and should trust. But the truth is that just like the rest of us find support online (oh, how many times has the internet saved me from believing that I'm the only mother who gets overwhelmed by grocery shopping with toddlers!) these sick people find others who will make them feel that their actions are normal - and they are not. They're criminal. Let's not pretend that this isn't a problem. It is. And we can do something about it.