I can give you ten minutes

I read somewhere that if there's something you want/need to do but can't find the time, you should set a timer for 10 minutes and take care of that thing... and well, here I am!

Summer has ended - but preschool phase-in didn't start until this week, so I've had no childcare and two boys to entertain and exhaust for the past two weeks, and we have out of town guests, and I've started a new job, and I've stayed up late watching the Olympics, and then the DNC and then the RNC, and...and...well, you guys know how it is, life gets busy and then you realize that you've gotten out of the habit of writing just for fun (that's what happens here, in case you've forgotten. Not that I blame you.)

So, let's catch up!

Work. Aisledash is no more, but I've been taken in by the awesome team at Stylelist, so you can follow me there if you like (fair warning: I'm tasked with finding you shoes and dresses) so between that and BeautyHacks I'm spending a lot of money hours "researching" - poor me. I also work as a marketing consultant and we're pitching for an interesting project that I can't tell you anything about, so I'll leave it at "please keep your fingers crossed for me." I'm itching to start giving creative presentations again - I'm envisioning myself kicking ass a la Don Draper, just without any of the sexism or cigarette smoke. I'm not ruling out having some whiskey before presenting, though. 

My three-year old is going to a Co-Op preschool, and I knew that this would mean that I would be involved with the school and that we would meet the other families and other things of that ilk, but I didn't realize that his already full social schedule would go on overdrive. I've been going on twice a week playdates so that the incoming class can meet (it sounds lovely, but three year olds don't really "meet" each other - it's more like they fight over dump trucks at the sandbox) and the parents can socialize. The other thing is that we have to put in time at the school and the month before school starts means that the parents are at the school scrubbing floor and painting walls - I KID YOU NOT. It was fun and satisfying, but we've never painted our own home (we rented forever, and we like the colors in our current house, so we've never painted) so it was a little odd and terribly heartwarming to see my banker-husband painting wee-little chairs.

The rest of the things are self-explanatory: My brother and his wife are visiting and they are awesome. The Olympics and the DNC? Awesome. The RNC? If you follow me on Twitter, you already know how I feel.


Ooops, saved by the bell...gotta go!