Playing Ketchup

You guys, being snowed in has seriously put a crimp on things to tell you. I've run out of things to do with the kids (my newly NON-napping kids) so you can just imagine how happy I've been lately.

However, here are three things that make me smile - because if I think too much about the weather I'll cry:

1. This episode of 30 Rock cracks me up because it's true. Anyone that shows up at a Hispanic family event will be handed an overdressed baby and a plate of food. It's just the way it is. Also? "It's OK, you were not being rude, you were just being stupid," is my new favorite way to accept apologies from jerks. HA!

2. My new spring dress. Isn't it lovely? I know shopping's not the thing right now, but I needed something to give me hope that I'll be able to wear flip flops again ... someday! I'm hoping that by buying something so hopelessly out of season I'll give Mother Nature a nudge in the right direction. And it's convertible! It's like buying two dresses and a skirt for the price of one! I know that I'm totally being virtuous and delusional all at once. Let me be.

3. My 21 month-old has discarded his beloved Ernie doll:


Instead, he has made an empty Prosecco bottle his lovey of choice. I'm not even kidding - he dug it out of the recycling bin one day and will not let go, which is slightly alarming and, well, not surprising knowing our habits.

This sounds weird I know, but it's all very age appropriate and adorable - he calls it Papa and hugs it in a meaningful way. The fact that he sits on the couch and pretends to drink from it - he puts it to his lips and tilts his head back giggling the entire time, like a miniature drunken aristocrat - could give some people pause I'm sure, but I can assure you it's not like you think. The bottle's completely empty, this I know for sure. In this house, adult beverage bottles don't go into the recycling bin until they've been sucked dry. Do we look like the kind of people who would waste perfectly good bubbly? That would be shameful.