Seven Weeks

It's been seven weeks and we're doing fine. It's really a shame that I don't like posting pictures on my blog so that I can provide photographic evidence but we're all doing well and the littlest baby is thriving. He is a smiling little bundle of joy (and baby acne, poor thing) and also a heavy little pudge ball. Best part? He's a fantastic sleeper -- I finally have a baby that likes to sleep in!

(Maybe I shouldn't have said that. DON'T JINX IT! SHHH!)

(Yes, I'm a bit of a hormonal mess on occasion, but birthing a baby does that to people sometimes.)

This week was meant to mark our triumphant return to life -- not blogging, but my real life. Middle boy's signed up for a music class, we had a semi full social schedule in the works, and the best part? It still hasn't snowed. It was going to be perfect! We would be outside and everything!

Then real life kicked me in ass. Or rather the nose. We're battling colds, and the one who is worse off is my poor middle child who has been stuck at home with me for just about seven weeks. The oldest has preschool, and let me tell you, he is ready to leave the house as soon as he wakes up in the morning. My middle boy? He spends most of his days telling me that I'm boring. I can't blame him; watching me nurse and sniffle can't be THAT exciting. I just hope he feels better soon so he can have his life back.

Life is just unfair like that sometimes, you know?