I spent the morning at my son's preschool - we were busy celebrating both Valentine's day and his birthday (which is actually next week, but next week is February vacation - so he will never have school on his actual birthday for as long as we live in Boston. You're welcome, son.)

Seeing the children's delight at exchanging little paper hearts managed to melt my own frosty little heart, and the fact that I brought chocolate cupcakes for the kids to decorate with colored frosting and that then we all sang Happy Birthday to my boy, and he got to blow out the big candle shaped like a "4" on his own cupcake - well, that made my day.

My needs are simpler than I ever imagined.

Next week: 20+ kids take over my house for the real birthday party. I'm  not going to lie: I was in a panic at the thought of all those kids in my house. That is, until today.