It doesn't make sense.

The loss of a child never makes sense, even if that baby isn't your own.

I know that being a parent is full of risks - that despite all the joy it brings, you never get to relax. I know that a mother's heart gets broken many times. Your heart becomes stronger and more fragile all at once. Every time one of my children gets hurt, I hurt. Every disappointment they experience becomes my own. I hold my breath at every OB visit, because I know that life - even the one growing so fiercely in my womb - is precious and fragile and there is only so much we can control.

And that's only my children. There are so many children in the world, so many mothers who are as strong and fragile as I am. Their pain becomes my own too.

This week two beautiful babies passed away. I never met them, but I know they were loved because I read their mother's words. And now they are gone.

It doesn't make sense.

Please, share a thought or a prayer with the families left behind. And if you can, consider donating to the fund Thalon's friends have set up.