honest food

I like to eat. I like food. I like it a lot.

But I like Food. As in real food that is made from edible ingredients - things that will probably spoil eventually and will need to be cooked. Simple ingredients taste best to me.

Don't get me wrong: I'm not a nutrition expert or a strict health nut. I can eat a Big Mac. I'd rather have almost anything else, but I don't think an occasional mass-produced burger will kill me. I can appreciate a Twinkie for what it is - not exactly food, but a food product that is darn tasty in its own way. 

You know what I really like about Twinkies? A Twinkie doesn't claim  to be food, or at least nutritious food. 

(Actually, I don't eat Twinkies. I think they're pretty bland. But I love Mallomars.)

What I think is unforgivable is when fake food pretends to be nutritious. Did you know that the first ingredient in a Strawberry Nutrigrain bar is high fructose corn syrup? It's also the ninth ingredient. This, in a product that calls itself a "nutri" - "grain" bar.

That pisses me off almost as much as those "fruit juices" and "milks" you get in vending machines - have you ever read the labels? Yep, high fructose corn syrup is invariably the second ingredient -- after water.

Why do these food companies even pretend they're selling food? Why not inject corn-derived sweeteners straight into our veins?

It's past the point of ridiculousness.