Little Green Lies


For some reason (probably one too many viewings of Max and Ruby) my son became obsessed with growing tomatoes from seed.

I'm an avid fake gardener, but I've never grown anything edible. So I bought some seeds (you know where this is going, don't you?) and because it was still chilly I tried to "start" them inside.

Almost a month later, we've got nothing. But my son kept checking his seeds daily, waiting for a miracle. It was sad.

So I, being a benevolent mother, and a cheater, did what I like to think anyone else would do: I went to a nursery and bought a baby tomato plant, plopped it where a tomato seedling should be growing by now, and waited for my son to discover the miracle of germination.

(You'd think I'd be ashamed to admit this, but guess what? I'm not!)

When my son checked his seeds and found a HUGE "seedling" sprouting out of nowhere he was not amused. He brought it over and demanded to know what this was.

"A baby tomato plant!" I said. I wasn't lying. That's EXACTLY what it is.

"Why is it the only one that got big?" He demanded, "why is it so big?"

I had no answer. So he wants nothing to do with the tomato plant. And neither do I.