Weeks 12-20

Well, you are all probably wondering what in the HELL I've been up to all month. I've been busy! BUSY! I tell you. I've been sick. TWICE. One of my kids developed a couple of mystery rashes. I bought a typewriter. I was so desperate because of seasonal allergies that I tried a neti pot (but don't worry, I'll spare you the details). I've been shopping for bigger clothes, because, lest ye forget, I've also been gestating.

Aaaand, that's all I've got.

In other words, my life is too boring for words. So you know what that means, right?


Here I am at around week 12:

13/14 weeks. I lose count.

Look at how rested I am! Hell, I'm even wearing lipstick. I miss those days.

Here is the baby at just about the same time:


Cute little bugger.

Week 16


This picture was taken right after a four year-old's birthday party. No, I didn't eat the four year-old, but I did steal one of the kid's bowls of mac n cheese. What can I say? The BABY needs nutrition! I mean, look at it:


The baby's practically begging for it! How could I say no?

And here's week 18:


You will notice a craptastic cropping job. I looked awful that day, and I still have some dignity left. Oh, and the baby:


Still chilling out.

In other words, things are good. I'm on my 20th week, but I haven't found the energy to take a picture of the belly. But don't worry! It's still there.

(Trust me.)