Let's Chat!

I'm packing for Chicago - I'll be at Butterball for the third time in three weeks - but this time I won't be there to merely soak up the turkey knowledge and selfishly keep it to myself. No siree, this time I'm going there to share everything I've learned (and it's a lot!) with the world.

(That means you.)

Do you have a burning turkey-related question? On Tuesday, Nov. 11, at 11am CST (noon for you East Coasters) I'll be answering questions on the inaugural Butterball Web Chat.

Isn't that exciting! And maybe just a bit terrifying? (For me, not you.) You just have to type away and we'll help you prepare for Thanksgiving. I promise it'll be fun and informative.

The very awesome Carol Miller, who's a real Turkey Talk-Line expert will be my partner during the chat. I've met her and love her, and I'm working to get her to invite me and my family over for Thanksgiving. This chat may be my best chance, so please join us.

(Sorry, Mom. Carol's just that good.)

Carol, expertly carving a turkey. She taught me, and you can learn from her too!

Butterball wants to give my readers special treatment - so you can leave your questions ahead of time in the comments (here!) and I'll get them to Carol directly!

How often do you get the chance to have your turkey questions answered by an expert (and me)? Now's your chance, so go ahead and ask!