My favorite turkey tip

I've been asked to share my favorite turkey tip with you and after thinking about it for a while, I've decided that the best thing I learned from the fine ladies at the Turkey Talk-Line is simple: The open-pan roasting method is best.

I went into this project with visions of joining an elite club of chefs who would share with me the most complicated techniques and I would then become the keeper of some top-secret cooking skills that only the most foolish of amateur cooks would attempt. Instead, my main take away is printed inside every Butterball turkey:

1. Clean the turkey (remove giblets and neck packets)

2. Pat dry and stuff

3. Lightly oil the skin (a brush or cooking spray will do)

4. Place in a shallow open pan

5. Roast at 325 degrees

Out of all the turkeys I've tasted (and woo boy, have I eaten turkey this month) this simple method gave the most consistent results.

I love it when simplicity wins. I may not be some fancypants cook, but at least I can make a delicious turkey without any stress.