Q&A with Carol Miller from the Butterball Turkey-Talk Line

Have I raved enough about my new friend Carol Miller? Not only is she pretty, funny and knows everything there is to know about turkey, she agreed to answer some questions from me and let me post them here.

How long have you been on the Talk-Line?

This will be my 25th Thanksgiving answering the calls at the Talk-Line Office.  I had grade school children when I started and now the nest is empty.

I was able to be home with my children and did the Brownie Leader, PTA officer and "earth mother" thing --making home made everything.

How did you become a member of the the Talk-Line?

My neighbor had been working at the Talk-Line and and  said we could trade off watching each others children and there were evening hours, too.  I was excited to work in my field.  I had a degree in Home Economics
and the Talk-Line was a great fit. Plus,  I could be with grown-ups and wear nice business clothes and have some extra money(to spend on braces, clarinet lessens and new tires)!!!

I know that the callers are your favorite part about the Talk-Line.  Why?

One of the things that keeps me coming back each season is the Thanksgiving Day calls.  You feel like a mini-hero because you are able to help so many holiday cooks get turkey (the star of the meal) to the table.  One caller last year called one of our Talk-Line experts "her turkey godmother".

What's your favorite turkey tip?

I have only one oven in my kitchen so I always plan for the turkey to come out  at least one hour early.  I remove the hot turkey from the roasting pan (so I can make gravy from the drippings) and cover it with heavy foil and then a couple of clean bath towels.  Then I can use the hour to heat things in the now empty oven and use the hour to pull the rest of the meal together. Less stress and the turkey is hot and happy in it's insulated environment.

What's your favorite Thanksgiving side dish?

I love stuffing!!!!!  But, I will admit that I use a  seasoned dried cornbread mix as my base.  Then I add the things I like--sautéed onions and celery, diced apples and dried cranberries.  From year to year, I may try different combinations.  Dried apricots or raisins, pre-cooked sausage, and shredded carrots or sliced mushrooms may find their way into my every changing recipe.

Tell us something about yourself that our readers would be surprised to learn:

Your readers may be surprised to learn that I dance every dance at a wedding (except the  first one-that is for the bride and groom-right?)  I love to dance!!!!

Thank you so much Carol! We'll all see you on Thanksgiving!