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Notice anything different?

I spent a few hours procrastinating yesterday and cleaned up things around here. It's still a work in progress, but I'm quite happy with the results so far - everything is clean and neat -unlike my actual house.

I did my own (very) simple banner - based on an illustration by the very talented Alma Loveland, who made the banner for my neglected style site. (I have plans to relaunch soonish.) Alma has been nothing but gracious and professional and I highly recommend her work.

After I did the banner I decided to clean up my sidebar a bit. I settled on buttons instead of word links to help people subscribe to the blog and find my Twitter stream. I spent a good amount of time looking for just the right buttons (procrastination is an art I've mastered, my friends) and of course I didn't find anything suitable. So I made my own, with the help of generous souls who have created illustrations and distributed them freely online.

I don't steal words or pictures from the internet which, sadly, makes me an anomaly, but I do things old-school. I give credit where credit's due. I also want to pay it forward, so I thought I'd share my buttons with anyone who wants them. Just be sure to give credit, OK?


  • My RSS button is adapted from the Ojingogo RSS icon - Isn't she adorable? I added some text, mostly to make myself laugh ("take me to your reader..." Ha! I crack myself up!) There are two versions to choose from, and I've included the code to make things easier for you. Just be sure to replace the words ADDYOURFEEDHERE with your feed address (keep the quotation marks) and you'll be all set!

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Get Button

  • My simple Twitter button is adapted from the free image found here - I simply changed the color and font to suit me better. Replace YOURTWITTERNAME with, well, your twitter name, and the button should link to your Twitter stream.

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