Marc Jacobs Splash

Ctmj05.1-marc-jacobs-apple-bottle Ctmj05.2-marc-jacobs-pomegranate-bottle Ctmj05.3-marc-jacobs-biscotti-bottle

It's been an awful rainy weekend and Monday here in Boston, so I was thrilled to receive samples of this year's Marc Jacobs Splash fragrances. They're so light and summery...a taste of the sunny weather that is sure to come. Someday.

(Right? I hope so!)

I personally liked the Biscotti because it smells clean and crisp -- like a nice bath should make you feel. Since they're splashes and don't last very long -- which is the point -- they're perfect for layering if you want a more complex fragrance. I can attest that Biscotti and Apple are quite yummy together!

I received samples from the manufacturer, who agreed to send them to me under these terms.