Accepting your beauty

Mitzi Gaynor

I chose this picture of Mitzi Gaynor for my latest series of BlogHer posts because it represents everything I'm trying to say about self-acceptance:

I'm no expert, but what has worked for me boils down to one thing:
being kind to myself. My research showsthat the same idea has worked
for many others. The particular advice may differ, but the central idea remains: treat yourself with the love you deserve, even if you don't
believe that you do deserve it, and eventually it will come
back to you. I know it's easier said than done, but ultimately it's
easier to treat yourself right than to constantly put yourself down. Promise.

Just look at her! She looks so supremely confident and happy, and I suspect it's in no
small part because she's kind to herself. My favorite part is that she's a dancer, but she's treating herself to a

It's not all or nothing, people. Healthy people eat donuts too.