A Note To PR Professionals

If you represent a product that you think would be a good fit for me
and my readers, go ahead and pitch me. I'll contact you if I'm
interested. Please note that by agreeing to try out your product I'm not
guaranteeing coverage - you are sending me the product as a sample for

If your client wants guaranteed coverage and/or to control the
message, you are free to purchase display advertising on the sidebar or,
better yet, you can hire me as a copywriter. Samples of my work are
available upon request (and in the health and beauty section of your
nearest pharmacy).


As tempting as it is, I won't
write for your site for free (or for exposure, or for fun). I will not
reprint your press release or use a pre-written review.

(Seriously, people.)

I already volunteer to causes that are important to me. I simply
can't donate my time and expertise to your paying clients, even if you
ask nicely.