Organizers and Neat Freaks, Unite!

This might sound crazy, even hilarious, to some of you out there (because my life the past six months has been nothing but a MESS) but I am a very organized person. I love nothing more than making to do lists and actually checking things off. I like having a plan and knowing what I'm going to be doing on a particular day and where, exactly, a particular item of anything is.

I label with abandon.

I schedule.

(It makes me happy.) 

(Not surprisingly, I hate surprise parties.)

Unfortunately, I have fallen off the organization bandwagon and I am lost in my own life. I've been working on getting my life back in order -- and while it has been overwhelming, I am slowly (and I mean s-l-o-w-l-y) getting back on track.

You would think that nested to do lists, labeled drawers and a full calendar would just add more stress in my life, but I find quite the opposite. Every single thing I put away takes me closer to that peaceful place where everything has its place and I can get more things done.

How about you? Do you like being organized? Do you find zen in a clean closet?